Breaking the Circle

Michael Rada
3 min readJan 13, 2020

After the boost of 2019, it seems like the rise of climate change awareness grows. Not only the increasing number of white papers and articles but the increasing volume of money is being allocated for activities related to the issue.

Recently I read about the 5 growing environmental nonprofits to support in 2020 and I decided to write and submit my comment. I have to do it in my own blog, for the provider or owner of the server refuses for almost a year to give me permission to submit my comments there.

I get through the list of the TOP FIVE and once again I have to ask why it is for many so important to pay money for stories that deliver just stories and no results? What is the reason people go for protests, which ends up in the next protests only and the next one and next one?

The organizers made already 2020 timetables for everyone to book his or her time, making a world tour. It reminds me of the concerts of popular singers and groups which satisfy the audience globally with the same songs again and again and again and some of the fans are ready to listen to the music again and again and again, spending money on travel and accommodation without thinking of the fact, that what they follow is just the same melody.

The whole story reminds me of the RATCATCHER fairytale, where a single man with a flute saves the city from the rats, before leaving them free.

Not only Protests for Protests, but Conferences for Conferences, Workshops for Workshops, Events for Events, Magazines for Magazines, it seems to me we are running in circles of good intention to deliver the Perpetuum mobile Inertia. No matter which name of the website, one word is everywhere — DONATE.

The Academics and Institutions praise the new wave of interest connected to the funds and deliver the next stories of the man for the man. It seems like all has been discovered already (once again) and this is why the lecture consists of repeating words which once somebody said.

Foundations look at the Founders following the ideas without any doubt for he or she knows better. New Religions deliver never-ending prayers that open the pockets and purses and bank account in silent wish to hear more.


Sounds through the audience as a choir, keeping hands busy in the gesture of the prayer connected together, bind, making it impossible to MADE THE FUTURE. Nobody doubts SOMEBODY will do, because why (if not) will the rich ones give millions and establish funds for future, being year to year biggest philanthropists and at the same time richer and richer fighting for the top rank on FORBES list.

Just a question to the end

Do promises fulfill if hands don't help?

I don't spend time on strikes, I spend it on changing the world, will you join me?



Michael Rada

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