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6 min readApr 21, 2022

Following some discussions on the INDUSTRY 5.0 posts, I decided in the morning to launch a new AWARENESS POLL, this time targeting the “untouchable” domain of DONATIONS and FUNDS.

Some LINKEDIN members have been curious about why if any call for help is being launched anywhere in the world, the money can not be transferred directly to the needed ones but has to go through a different channel, or more frequently through many channels. The #vladimirputinwar in #UKRAINE is a great example.

At one moment on the Czech TV screens, there have been eight organizations asking for donations, all of them in one set of ads, one of them was RED CROSS, and even the #UNITED NATIONS call people to send money.

The biggest Czech non-profit collected in just one week time 2 billion Czech Crowns, which is 60% of the standard yearly budget and the founder is asking for more every day.

I do remember well the 2011 Tsunami in Japan that hit and damage the FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR POWER STATION. I was working at that time in a Japanese corporation and after agreement with my wife I took half of my salary and hand it over to the Japanese General Manager. It seems to me to be the only logical and fastest way for my support to reach the people that need it. No papers, No proof, No bill. Just cash on the desk and handshake.

I mentioned many times before that before establishing my company in a form of a FOR-PROFIT company I was advised many times to prioritize NGO or NON-PROFIT and the explanation was that “I WILL GET ACCESS TO FREE MONEY and FUNDING”

Already at that time, it feels strange to me that there exist FREE MONEY. I never heard of FIAT and never dig into funding and donations. My intention was to show, that no other people´s money is needed to deliver results on a global scale. At home, I was taught that only money that I have, can be spent.

It works. I deliver results, get paid, and use the money for further growth.

On August 21, 2020, my keynote started the AGE OF INDUSTRY 5.0 in INDIA more than one million follow-ups resulted in the assignment of the first INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADOR in the world, located of course in INDIA. 19 months later …

all funded from a single source of income, my own work.

Struggling, because it seems easy to feed one, ten, but 98 in 98 countries need more.

Sometimes being hungry, sometimes not able to buy a present for a family member, I was trying one by one different way how to overcome the one salary issue. Talk to banks, funds, philanthropists, richest people in the world, the reply was all the time the same, IGNORANCE.

But not the hunger or health issues brake me down, for there must be a way. If not the standard one works, new must come. When the old system is broken, it is better to start from scratch and this is what I did.

If you look at the results of the AWARENESS POLL used in the header you will find out that it was not only me who consider DIRECT DELIVERY OF FINANCIAL support to be the best, and most effective, because if it is being immediate, transparent, and efficient, so there is no reason why it should not contain the profit-sharing condition same as in the entire INDUSTRY 5.0.

and people accept and welcome this possibility

H2H means HUMAN TO HUMAN support would be provided and in return, the profit would be shared with those who helped to overcome the financial scarcity not caused by the greed to have more, but for example by the lack of some players to pay the invoices on time for the work that was delivered, or by the expansion that no one has expected.

The reason why H2H does not work in the corporate sector including banking is the fact that it is based on TRUST and TRANSPARENCY and both are missing, for instead of a TRANSPARENT approach more and more SECRETS are being created giving the space to all who steal the data and sold them or return to the owner after he, she or they pay the amount requested.

And there is one more aspect that is missing in the corporate world


The majority of the businesses to act unconditionally have too many conditions that are hard to fulfill that most prefer to sign NDA before they even stretch the helping hand.

It does not concern just the big ones, even the small business owners frequently ask for similar copying of the role model of the big, rich, and powerful ones not knowing that the first what is being offered to be copied are the mistakes

Because it is not every time possible to put cash on the desk, or in the hand, bank transfers need to be used and utilized, these have something in common, banking fees. Please take into account that transferring amounts lower than 30 USD or EUR frequently generates the recipient bigger fees than the amount transferred.

Frequently duties have to be paid to the state that expect share of every financial transaction because of … habit. Value added duty, remains duty, but no value is delivered for the money paid. Money ends up in a black hole with no light at the end.

I love the comment on the second poll

It clearly indicates that it is not the money, but HUMANS, PEOPLE who turn giving into value and not value into giving.

Yesterday joined INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS NETWORK 99th AMBASSADOR in just 16 months´ time and I feel financial issues myself, this is why I would like to ask you for financial support. Can you donate money to help me and INDUSTRY 5.0 to overcome financial issues connected to the permanently expanding construction site of WASTELESS WORLD that I together with many others build FOR ALL? The amount needed to overcome the problem is 40.000 USD.

I would like to pay you back, after recovery and add more than just the value donated

Transparent Account number is 2701192171

IBAN: CZ59 2010 0000 0027 0119 2171


Please do not forget to mention your name and contact details, so we can stay in touch and communicate

You may ask if the donation is the CORE TASK OF THE DAY. No, it is not


The transparent bank account was set at the beginning of my journey, in 2014. In 8 years not a single transaction was realized

I just wonder if it will change for I hope I have proved that it is not my own wealth that drives the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) but one and only aim TO BUILD WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL

Thank you for your support

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0