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4 min readAug 30, 2022

When I was a child the term SILO was used for tall circular structures for storing grain. Later on, I learned that not only grain but many other materials, frequently liquid or loose can be stored in silos or storage tanks.

Almost half a century later more and more people use the term to describe segregation of any type.

  • Individual industries represent silos
  • Individual roles and positions represent silos
  • Individual technologies represent silos
  • Individual age groups represent silos
  • Individual genders represent silos
  • individual color of skin represents the silo
  • individual religions represent silos
  • individual nationality represents a silo
  • individual political beliefs represent silos
  • collected data are “stored” (and never used) in silos

The only silo, that is almost forgotten is the original silo serving as a storage space.

During my recent discussion with a great Futurist and my Friend, BILL McClain We have touched among other topics the first industrial revolution which ended the COTTAGE ECONOMY by centralizing the demand so as supply.

What we have realized is the fact that through the great industrial development and three other industrial revolutions we are living in the age of



We just break down all the ties to efficiency and effectiveness thanks to which the cottage economy work for centuries and thousands of years.

  • Instead of having the cottages close, best in the neighborhood, we place them on different continents
  • Instead of utilizing first what we already have we buy new, ignoring the existing stock
  • Instead of improving our skills, we relocate it to those who are not able to estimate correctly the value of their time
  • Instead of creation, we enjoy consumption

Maybe some of my readers remember that the ROLE MODEL of INDUSTRY 5.0 is NATURE and this is why BACK TO ROOTS is the best way forward, learning from old applying for new, and keeping a high level of efficiency.

Today there was a great discussion on a post informing that in the USA, namely in CALIFORNIA, the companies start to cover the water channels with solar modules, which is a way INDIA does since 2014 already

Almost everyone was thrilled about this “invention” because it deliver multiple long-term benefits like

  • reducing water evaporation
  • reducing water temperature thanks to shadow
  • reducing the solar module temperature and increasing its efficiency
  • reducing the solar footprint on the ground

One of the members who joined the discussion pointed out that the reason why this INDIAN idea was not adopted by the US earlier is

“While there are amazing things done in India often by amazing people, it still is a country with a prevalence of religious bigotry and dangerous superstition”

The author lives in the heart of Europe, the same as me, and sees INDIA from the perspective delivered by news and media same as the majority of people outside of India. For me, working closely with India since I started the AGE OF INDUSTRY 5.0 in the country on August 21, 2020, is INDIA one of the fastest developing and transforming countries in the world, not trying only to be the RICHEST or STRONGS, but to be the sustainable ROLE MODEL as well

The time gap does not come from described issues, but from the glorification of the western approach and culture based frequently on PRETENDING, but not reality.

This may be one of the reasons why INDIA adopted INDUSTRY 5.0 waste prevention principles first in the world and why the process of implementation of the WASTE PREVENTION LEGISLATION into the national legal framework is already running, where Czech Republic government push for INDUSTRY 4.0 with all its issues, and EUROPEAN COMMISSION does the same just “borrowing without permission” the name INDUSTRY 5.0 using it as a sales tool for obsolete and unsold technologies remaining from the fourth industrial revolution. It does so intentionally because it refers to the origin in a form of INDUSTRY 5.0 DEFINITION, which I published on February 3, 2017, already

The silos must be broken on all levels, including the silos between the nations which unfortunately the UNITED NATIONS has not been able to deliver, this is why UNITED HUMANS have to act instead in global harmony



Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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