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4 min readOct 4, 2022

Kitchens have different sizes, designs, and equipment, but no matter where in the world the kitchen is placed, it served one and only purpose, TO PREPARE FOOD.

I am sure all of you will agree with me


you do wrong

Many of my followers and people who support INDUSTRY 5.0 know, that the kitchen that serves for more than two years in my office is not only wasteless but has no stove, microwave, or oven. It consists of three machines only


That is all I need

This may sound interesting and if you need an explanation or advice on how to, just contact me, but it is not the answer to why you are wrong with your answer.

The issue is that you forgot your roots. The roots our forefathers set had no electricity and power transmission and frequently no stove. Roots that are still in many places all around the world do not just picture in history books but in everyday reality.

KITCHENS have been for a long time the center of the house, but the food that was prepared and eaten there was just one reason.

The second one becomes the most important one on cold days not only in winter. Yes, you are right. It was the heat that heat up the space and everyone who was there.

In m country (Czech Republic, Europe) long before it become independent in 1918, centuries ago the TILED STOVE serves not only cooking but sleeping as well (pictured modern version)

In Japan, the people kept warm thanks to KOTATSU or under-the-table heating

It is the heat that in the past was utilized to heat the space and today is being wasted and sent away.

One week ago announced the EUROPEAN COMMISSION that every citizen of the EU must obligatory, reduced energy consumption by 5%, and companies should achieve 15%. As the main energy-consuming technology is considered HEATING of spaces and this is why the people and companies are asked to lower the temperature by one of more °C.

Once again the proposal ignores the complexity of processes and life itself, remaining in the silos, in which personal profit is generated by public rules.

For nine years I am working with my legs on the table and my notebook on my laps (thighs). The reason is not only my varicose veins and pain in my legs, which I carry with me for decades but the fact that the heat of the notebook heats nicely my legs and the body as well.

If it worked so well for thousands of years, why shouldn´t the kitchen as a central heating station work today again?

Why should not the KOTATSU solution serve in Europe if it was approved for centuries in Japan where the walls are “built of paper”?

Yesterday I read again about hundreds of millions invested in a new cryptocurrency trading system, the day before about even more invested in launching new space debris into orbit, and millions in the meeting of the heads of states and religions in the UNITED NATIONS center in New York. In total trillions are invested in new, to cover the fact that just a drop of the share is needed to learn from the past.

MMW principle become number one for many


Because if so, new money would be needed so as banks, creditors, collectors, safes, vaults, institutions, judges, bankers, venture funds, business angels, politicians, armies, and many many more who watch and profit from the existence of money.

What is interesting is the fact that those who push others to waste their own money usually do not waste their own money, why should they? Elon Musk waste only the money of investors, who despite never getting the amounts back, keep investing in the dreams of one man, who wants to save the Earth, by leaving it and making Mars liveable until greed makes it unliveable again and this history will repeat.

The HELL´s kitchen instead of HUMAN´s kitchen

I just wonder which company will take inspiration and will start to deliver a solution that will use the heat generated by cooking to heat the rooms of the flats and houses or even transfer it into electricity, which will be sufficient to run small appliances or lights


The CORE TASK of the day


It must not be perfect, but it will help and after brushing it up, it will change the world. Some may say it is impossible, but if so, how can I cook my music six years ago?

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, Human



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0