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The term used in the name of this article is not a joke and it was not invented by me, in fact, it was used in the name of a published research paper which I found during the INDUSTRY 5.0 development control realized on the last day of July 2023.

It was so different that I have not only made it to the topic of the following POWER OF TOUCH, and WASTELESS WORLD TALKS, but I transferred it into the next INDUSTRY 5.0 poll and the next Czech article using the term “ASISTOVANÉ ZPOŽDĚNÍ”

I have contacted all the authors and received zero reply

Despite the fact that the authors linked the term with AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, I decided to take it out of the silo and project it into the world of global politics, economy, and social systems, where it explains a lot.

The same as I did with the E-mc2 formula

The reason why it resonates so strongly with me is the behavior of politicians, and decision-makers so as corporations and companies who adopted the term, but do all possible to hide the true content and the origin. The strongest players in this field are the EUROPEAN COMMISSION and the UNITED NATIONS.

For a long time, I considered that the main reason could be fear, but the term put a new light on the topic and explained the behavior.

All those who started to use the term are aware that INDUSTRY 5.0 principles will impact their businesses and lives, so they decided to use all their power and money to delay this moment.

There is one fact that they did not count on and this is that EVOLUTION can not be stopped once started and slowing down on one site will create a boost on the other site to maintain balance. This is why all the money invested to HIDE the origin and principles of INDUSTRY 5.0 make INDUSTRY 5.0 visible on a global scale and the absence of a time machine makes it impossible to eliminate the Birth of INDUSTRY 5.0 or “delete” the existence of thousands of publications, articles and much more published during the life of the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN).

Assisted Delay seems to be a very popular tactic. just have different names and different tools to apply.

One of the most popular tools is those that can be used for free like public opinion, or protests, which cost nothing but have a great audience.

It is interesting that every protest is greatly covered in media, starting with social media and nobody asks how it is possible that the information about the protesters and protest did not leak before.

It is most probably the form of ASSISTED DELAY which the media houses make money being able to report the issue.

I am adding this line the same day ASSISTED DELAY will be part of two events. The first is the POWER OF TOUCH and the second is THE WASTELESS WORLD TALK. The first one is live and not recorded, but the second will be recorded and I am looking forward to the words of Bill and Kevin who for so long already helped to shape the future.

The recording will be shared in this article

And here it is

The Curious situation came just 20 hours later when instead of being part of the INDUSTRY 5.0 event in NIGERIA, the organizer cut out my access, the same as access to all INDUSTRY 5.0 ambassadors, including the ambassador in NIGERIA. Just wonder what content was delivered by the bank employees to the students

Seems like a case of assisted delay

Assisted delay has many forms

but let us talk about them next time

because there is no time to waste the time

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Best regards

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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