One day ago, during the regular control of INDUSTRY 5.0 global development did Google search delivered a result which directs me to the page below.

It seems like it is not intended to speak to a human, but a robot.

you can choose two directions

If you choose the HUMAN direction, you would be directed to PORN website

If you choose the SPAM ROBOT direction, you will land on the permanently launching the website.

None of them speaks to me

The reason why GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE deliver this search result to me was the content of SEO, which does contain “INDUSTRY 5.0”


Many start to adopt.

Because of this increase, I have to spend much more time with the control of INDUSTRY 5.0 development. It is still very young, but many try to misuse its power for own profit only.

In the context of this, it seems like my one-year-old decision to improve and change the title on my business card was right. There is much valuable title than President.

So many laugh about at the beginning. So many starts to think about it. So many become part of my business network since that change. From 3 to 7K in just one year.

Many told me they do not dare to contact and speak to the president, but they feel fine and comfortable talking to a human being instead.

Many experts deliver speeches and messages for experts

I try to deliver my own to all

I do not need the AI to translate my words for they are understood already, but I feel the experts need it to translate English into English, German into German and Czech into Czech, because at the moment only a few do understand what content and meaning are in the words delivered for hours with such a passion.

Instead of Artificial, I do support the existence of HUMAN intelligence. The only smart city worth the name is a city full of wise people, not just smart technology. I do not want the education system to educate robots, but human beings who never lose again the sight of humanity and never exchanged it for money and financial fortune.

I know the people who watch me and try to stop me and INDUSTRY 5.0 use AI and ROBOTS and SPAMBOTS and CHATBOTS and what. We can be friends and live in a harmony, but this will happen only if the one will not glorify only him, his race, or content, but live with all others in harmony without the permanent hunt for more.

Let us develop and wake up HUMAN INTELLIGENCE again and let utilize AI to help us to avoid the wasting of time.