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3 in 1, better than the CHILDREN SURPRISE egg. Instead of one engine, every existing car can have two or three.

What seemed like a crazy idea back in 2017, will become reality in 2024

The first EUC-powered car hit the streets of clean cities and the launch could not be better. The only one who struggles is the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY which faces significant turnover losses. because instead of buying a new car, car lovers just buy the FIFTH WHEEL for just a drop of the price.

This is not the only “new application” of the ELECTRIC UNICYCLE

After successful tests by NASA, so as CHINA NATIONAL SPACE ADMINISTRATION https://www.cnsa.gov.cn/ would EUC serve the astronauts as the most efficient vehicle on all missions

Surprising news came from NEW YORK, where ANTONIO GUTERRES announced the end of his career as the head of the UNITED NATIONS together with the plans to dissolve the organization. At the same time, he promised to return all his fortune, including presents collected during the seven years acting as the UN head, because he “FEELS GUILTY AND RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ORGANIZATION THAT SHOULD SERVE PEOPLE, BUT INSTEAD SERVED THE GIANTS”

Following this KLAUS SCHWAB announced the end of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. The reason for this sudden decision is the growing ignorance of the public and the loss of love and respect for all he and the organization have done for HUMANITY

ELON MUSK announced that the first man on MARS would be himself leaving by the end of April 2024. In no way is this step to be understood as an escape from angry owners of CYBERTRUCK cars, or owners of paid TWITTER accounts, which were shut down overnight without compensation. He promised that he would supervise every single TESLA CAR even during the time of travel so as on MARS, to keep everyone safe from being surveilled by anyone else than ELON MUSK himself.

It is not clear yet if EUC will be part of ELON´s MISSION to MARS, but some insider information speaks about the possibility of switching to autonomous drive on all four wheels of existing TESLA CARS, so the possibility exists.

The once most popular German politician decided to return to Politics.

It is a small step for me, she said, but a back big step for HUMANITY. She decided to do so after adopting all the children migrants invited by her to Germany and accommodating them in a city in central Germany that ANGELA MERKEL bought from her pension and lives in together with all she has saved.

The new President of RUSSIA proposed to evangelize the last president of Russia and open MAUSOLEUM on the RED SQUARE to use it as a meeting place with the public after Vladimir Iljic was relocated to a new location

This is not only great news coming from RUSSIA. The Russian engineering team behind the first RUSSIAN EV, introduced today MV, a car that beat in fuel and drive efficiency all existing concepts. Already tested, the serial production is being prepared so as the retrofit for all existing cars

The AI developed by CZECH engineering team of AI, VR, AR, and IA experts became the first AI in the world that can act and decide fully independently. SVEIK 2.0 is a ground-breaking technology and has answers to all questions. Together with modules PAT and MAT developed in SLOVAKIA it can not only answer questions but realize any physical job assigned.

The EUROPEAN COMMISSION approved the resolution presented by PETER DRÖLL to adopt INDUSTRY 5.0 principles and stop WASTING, following the example of the proposal owner who promised to return all time wasted since January 7, 2021.

The Head of the UNITED NATIONS introduced the solution for sustainable growth, it is just needed to tear the roots from the ground

The organizer and head of COP28 decided to fulfill all promises given at the event and stopped immediately all crude oil extraction from all oil fields owned by him and his family. He revealed to be moved by the action of GRETA THUNBERG.

The world finally received the unlimited energy source of energy announced in DUBAI during COP28 https://www.globalsolutions.co.ae/ According to the information from the Royal family, every single car in the fleet was already adopted the new energy source and on April 1, 2024, Big Parade on the ground, in the water so as in the air will prove that everyone was wrong about the intention of the organizer.

The entire content of today´s chapter has been written and added to the publication system on December 28, 2023. I hope it brings you a smile on your face and thoughts in your mind.

If you do not wait for what the future brings you, but build the future with your hands, the future will become a common and friendly ground for you and you will be able, so as everyone on the planet, to live a meaningful life

Carl Gustav Jung recorded this video at the age of 84 years, two years later he left forever, leaving behind a heritage for all who understand what value is to be HUMAN

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

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