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4 min readSep 7, 2022

The name of today´s article and the header image are directly connected. The image is a screenshot of the EUROPEAN ANGEL INVESTORS´pitch round that was delivered to me one month later during the control of INDUSTRY 5.0 development because probably someone use the name INDUSTRY 5.0 in the SEO of the video placed on YOUTUBE.

The interesting part of the story is that the recorded session was uploaded one month after the event took place and it already collected 2 views.

I have no time to listen to the content yet and probably would do it tomorrow on the train going to the biggest and best logistics conference in the Czech Republic and East Europe called LOGISTICS RIDE 2022 for which I am honored to be one of the speakers.

When I was listening to the introductory words of the moderator of the event, the first what I saw was a forest filled with fairies

Some of them may look scary, but with a good soul, the others look like teddy bears but are filled with hate.

In my head does not run a movie but a question or questions

  • Why do investors call them ANGELS?
  • Why the successful startups are called UNICORNS?
  • Do we live in a fairy or in a fair world?
  • Is life FAIR?

No, it is not, if you compare the lives of the hardworking ones delivering palpable results and those who just collect the fruits to sell them and keep all profit for themself.

What if we call all by the right name?




The meetings will probably look very different

When I was a kid, fairytale creatures live only in fairytales. The only moment when they get out was the Pre-Christmas celebration (MIKULÁŠ) during which walk through the streets of cities and villages EVIL, ANGEL, and NICOLAUS to share presents with the good kids and softly punish those who have not behaved right during the year.

As we grow older we have learned that these are just masks of ordinary people who just enjoy once a year to change from ordinary to extraordinary beings

Similar to COMIC CON where the dreams become reality for a day as well

EDWARD THE SCISSORSHAND was born again on the stage after spending 6 months creating every single one of his body parts that makes him so different.

Here is the recorded BUSINESS ANGELS EVENT

You can try to listen, maybe you would be more successful than me that you will find why INDUSTRY 5.0 is in the SEO of the true angel´s site.

All the speakers represent companies that already get funded (HORIZON EUROPE) and they speak to get even more money out of the bottomless pockets of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION. For some, the EU FUNDING was just one of the sources of funding. They joined to reach the next level of funding or to find new Horses that are ready to turn into UNICORNS.

It is strange to watch the voluntary march of the pre-selected horses that do not realize the transformation to UNICORN is just a step closer to the slaughterhouse, where just the HORN would be removed and the corp will be left to be processed into food for the dogs that protect the owners and relocated on the landfill.

One man´s toy is more important to the owner and banks than the future of all HUMANS.

In December 2021 made Elon Musk an offer on TWITTER to provide money to SOLVE WORLD HUNGER, 6 months later he spend 8x the amount on buying TWITTER for tweets are of course more important than the food, for every single one ELON delivers, making him richer and wealthier.

ANGELS and UNICORNS are HUNTERS and the PREY just instead of the head, the horn would be presented in form of a name and profit generated by one and single shot.



I just did and realize that a little more than two minutes passed and I feel like reborn. Wish you feel the same.

Stay HUMAN for no angels and no unicorns will help you to be what you are

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. instead of purchasing TWITTER ELON MUSK step down from the deal, as usually



Michael Rada

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