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Michael Rada
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There is probably not a single member of the LINKEDIN network who has not heard the abbreviation “AI” which stays for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. When you ask Google you get the following picture

And even the header GIF was probably made using partly the skills of AI but for sure not the whole range.

We are living in the age of digitalization. Our work has been digitalized, our leisure time and for the last two years our education and the politicians and decisionmakers call for MORE.

Today is Sunday and I woke up with the content of this article in my head. Not being the digital entity I knew, I have to wake up, get up from the bad, dress, take my notebook and transfer the content from my brain to the brain of the computer, to be transferred later to the brain of the internet to be published later according to the publishing plan.

This is the way which should change according to world leaders action plans

So if we do understand the “AI” what about “AO”?

Any idea?

AO is the abbreviation for ARTIFICIAL OBEDIENCE

If you ask GOOGLE you get the following picture

In which none of the delivered search results is even close to the meaning that resonates in my head.

Much closer than GOOGLE was John Carpenter in 1988

John Carpenter´s movie is based on a short story named the 1963 short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” published 25 years earlier (1963) by Ray Nelson at the age of 26 years.

He did not use the “AO” but described well the ARTIFICIAL OBEDIENCE and with John, they visualize and describe very clearly the tools that would be used to achieve the stage of full digital happiness.

Many follow later, but Ray especially with John deliver the warning long before anyone even noticed the risks connected to the voluntary transfer from NATURAL to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (NI to AI)

INDUSTRY 5.0 was officially launched and born with an article published on my LINKEDIN profile. The article was named INDUSTRY 5.0 FROM VIRTUAL TO PHYSICAL

And its publication gives me the right to be named INDUSTRY 5.0 FOUNDER or FATHER as some prefer

In 2021 I use the same name on one of my keynotes delivered to an international audience during an online event

Two years earlier I prepare my keynote being invited as a speaker to the EUROPEAN COMMISSION event, in which my participation was canceled after I delivered the keynote to the organizer up-front the event.

Looking at the “digital action” of EC, listening to the words of Ursula von der Leyen and many others calling them themself the WORLD LEADERS I am asking myself why so many see POTENTIAL ignoring the DANGER of full digitalization. It may be because the images presented looking so nice and it seems like the VIRTUAL and DIGITAL WORLD is so similar to the EDEN on EARTH.

When I see similar promises I have questions and I keep asking the speakers questions which no one of them answered to me. Recently I asked Mrs. Ursula

Using digital media to reach her

During the preparation for this article, I have realized that SMART CITIES as the part of our lives are here already for a long time, but this would be the topic of the next article of the WASTELESS WORLD STORY

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe, and enjoy every touch

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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