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For a long time, my diary represents my journey, but in fact, I write the articles ahead of the day of publishing. I started with one day, but today, after I wrote and submitted another three articles I realize that on November 14th this article would be published on December 14th, 2020, which means I am one month ahead of time.

It reminds me of the Czech Blog and Diary which I write for the same amount of time. Last year I was able to be up to one year ahead of time. It was fascinated too, faced many challenges in swimming in time, with and against the stream. The experience I never read that anyone did and share before.

In my last article, I spoke about E-MOTION and its impact on my life. With my time travel, it is the same. It changed my life. There is just one difference. I can teach you how to ride electric unicycle, but the time travel everyone have to learn by himself or herself.

It is not hard, same as empty your mind

having it free of thoughts clear as the fresh water, clear as the air in the woods or in the mountains or on the moon

So easy and still so difficult

Many people tell me they can not empty their mind. SO many thoughts are running in and out and the off switch misssing.

I advise them to do same as ZEN recommends

Learn to concentrate on one and only thought

One and only point.

It does not matter if it will be the light of a candle, or your breath

With the time travel is the same. You should be able to aim just one point, your next step. I can not jump from one day to another, I just go step by step, so as I learned during my life.

It is not scary. SOmetimes I am tired but usually happy when I read, that what happens I have described already being prepared for.

I am the man on a journey

it was nice to meet you




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