Good morning everyone. This time I am not alone but have help. His name is Zdenek Lebr and he is my GrandFather.

Today started one week of time spend together same as every year

We are in the best age

98 and 49

and now, my age is exactly 50% or half of the age of my GrandDad. He came to this during our next fascinating discussion about the life and topics we see and don´t understand why they are not done better.

“I am right now exactly double your age,” Grandpa said

“When will this happen again?” was my…

In the six years for which I use the name INDUSTRY 5.0 which become content with my acting, I am facing time to time a situation in which someone tells me what I did wrong, what I should change, and how I should behave.

The last person who does that was an academics working for an education institute associated with the largest carmaker in my country. …

The government members speak about the change

They speak about it for decades

Adding more and more on the “shopping list” never asking why it is needed

In May 2021 we have started to distribute INDUSTRY 5.0 GOVERNMENTS KEYNOTE to the governments of the world. Shortly after the first public presentation, we start to receive the first questions.

The most common were:


For all who do not know so well about the waste legislation in their own country or the general global setup, it is really true, that waste prevention is…

In recent days and weeks, I have realized how little is the interest of people speaking about the change TO CHANGE THEMSELF.

More talk about the NEED TO CHANGE, less interest to be the first to show

Many have learned in recent decades, that declarations, white papers, and annual reports are sufficient and when time to time indulgencies are paid and promoted in media, all the world put their hands together and cheers, frequently send on the bank accounts of the rich even more money than was “given for good”.

On the construction site of the wasteless world, I am taking one step after another avoiding the shortcuts offered by investors and politicians. Every shortcut is a slide to hell.

I can not do the third step without making the second one and my movement seems to be slow until the spectator and visitor realize he or she left time behind the door.

I am sitting in my flat on Sunday morning at 5:55 on June 13, 2021 and you would be able to read this line on September 6, 2021. …

The following article delivers wording for the integration of waste and wasting prevention in the legal framework. It is applicable on the level of company or corporate policy as well as national and international bodies and policies.


  1. Nothing that can be USED or UTILIZED AGAIN must become waste
  2. Everything must be considered PRIMARILY as PRE-WASTE EXISTING RESOURCE (part of the On-The-Ground-Mines) and remain in the system
  3. The secondary use or utilization is not limited to the primary function of the product or material and can be executed by everyone respecting regulations and safety conditions.
  4. Collecting, sorting, balling…

More than 30 years ago just shortly after the VELVET REVOLUTION has begun in my country named CZECHOSLOVAKIA at that time the construction and RE-construction boom. For the long time, unmaintained buildings and “networks” including plumbing routes has been repaired and the decade and centuries-old steel or iron or copper tubes have been exchanged for new light material which was coming from the USA and all call him the AMERICAN PLASTIC which was considered to be the best.

Two decades later every plumber in the country runs away if he hears that the “waterway” in the house was done with…

My working day is usually starting before 5 AM, I dress without putting the light on, take my electric unicycle, and ride to work, where the morning hygiene would be done, not to wake those who still sleep.

Every day I watch the sky and from time to time I took a snapshot to share with others the beauty of the morning.

Today is Saturday, one of two days when I usually sleep longer, if no meeting in Asia.

One of the core principles of the work which we do is to UTILIZE EXISTING

It sounds to many strange because…

Yesterday, which is eight days from now, there was delivered first time in human history the WASTE PREVENTION POLICY DEFINITION. Except for the Indian media house THE POLICY TIMES not a single media took part, having more important to follow than the introduction of the policy that recovers the planet.

The speaker spends eight years putting the right words together

Eight long years filled with hard work, happiness, and sorrow same as the time to time with hunger and thirst, but what was more important, filled with continuous effort to deliver the change everywhere he went.

More important than anything…

For eight years already, since 2013, I am building a wasteless world by implementing the systematic waste prevention principles in real companies, corporations, to real people.

I do so not to gain more followers, but to see more actors

Turning a follower or spectator into an actor is not easy. Many prefer to watch only.

  • watching other people work
  • watching other people results
  • watching a game without sweat
  • watching speeches without speaking

Many get used to the rules of society which say, be silent and watch, learn, and use the knowledge for your profit.

For the last two years, since…

Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0

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