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4 min readAug 15, 2022


What the hell … Why four? What does it mean?

These are probably the thoughts running through the reader´s head.


Does it help?

Not so maybe it will help to learn that the article that publishing would be set for August 15th, 2022 is being written on April 15th, 2022.

There is the answer

Written on Friday to be published on Monday in four months´ time. Not the usual way to write a diary, is it?

It is my way

Today in the morning I just published my keynote speech for the LOGISTICS RIDE conference, recorded and will share it with the organizer

Organized every two years in Ostrava, it is a MUST event for all logistics practisioneers because not single minute is wasted by PR or empty promises.

CASE STUDY after CASE STUDY on the stage, 1,5 days of the essence of logistics

All that two days after delivering a keynote at a business conference in India and Four days after delivering the next webinar to the students of Indian University.

One by one filling my calendar all dedicated to one and only topic


The name becomes standard.

INDUSTRY 4.0 is named to be outdated after just nine years since its official launch in 2013. Billions funded for …

making millions


Today is Friday, Easter Friday and almost nobody joined GRETA in the CLIMATE STRIKE. The reason is not that the CLIMATE was repaired, but the holiday is a time filled with more important activities than being part of the never-ending strike generating just strike. It is hard to believe but these words has been written three years ago and are still valid

Greta Thunberg to whom these words have been dedicated, ignore it, because not striking anymore will mean getting out of the spotlight, and sponsors and donors will not pay the expenses

I just wonder if she looks back and asks herself

Do she and her followers ask themself what will happen in four months´ time?

Would NEXT STRIKE be the satisfying answer?

You probably do not recognize what is on the header image. If you follow INDUSTRY 5.0 DIARY for a longer time you should be able to do so, because it was already mentioned several times and the first one was already four years ago.

It is a single-use packaging, so-called IN-BAG used for the transportation of liquid content in a cardboard box. I consumed the content four years ago, washed up the bag, filled it with fresh drinking water, and placed it on the roof on which I am testing the roof gardening.

Four summer seasons, four winter seasons.

Hot and cold temperatures “boiled” and froze the content.

Tested smell, color, and taste

The water inside seems to be fine

The only that seems to be degrading is the aluminum layer on the in-bag surface.

Four years of prolonged life of a single-use item clearly indicate what´s wrong with the world of industries and growing consumption fuelled by outside forces.

It took me just four hours before I transform the keynote for the best logistics conference in the Czech Republic and CEE into a keynote for students that for the sixth time already will be delivered a webinar on INDUSTRY 5.0

At this moment I just realized that till the end of April, four events, three the international, expect me to deliver INDUSTRY 5.0 insights.

It seems like “4” deliver now more than it will be visible at the first sight.



Easy to say, but hard to do. Try. It will help you not only to stay and watch the river of time but to swim upstream to see what will be delivered through the hands of yours

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0