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4 min readJul 30, 2020

Dear Greta,

I am not sure if you remember, but 14 months ago after many unsuccessful attempts to contact you directly through your website and social media accounts, I submitted OPEN LETTER to you, which become fast one of the most read articles of my blog, together with the OPEN LETTER to weeks younger aimed to your haters.

Because the situation with the possibility to contact you directly did not change do I choose the same way and hope, my words would reach you.

Dear Greta, let me congratulate you for receiving the first prize FOR HUMANITY, you received from Gulbenkian Foundation

It is not the first money you received on your journey, but if I do remember well it is the first such a big amount you decided to accept.

Do you know that all the prize money you received and you would be receiving they have one thing in common? At the very beginning of their creation, there is a hard-working man, woman or child.

I do not speak about the people who gave you the money, because they live well usually from the work of others, sitting in well-equipped offices with a controlled climate. I do not speak about people delivered by google if you ask about HARD WORKING PEOPLE

I am speaking about people, who the same as me finished their education to start their careers in factories as workers receiving hard work lowest salaries. I speak about people that despite the COVID-19 restrictions can not stop to earn for they have to feed their families no matter what the situation.

Dear Greta the people who work with their hands are and have been in history forgotten, unnoticed, invisible. Many speak about them not able to remember one single name of those who build the pyramids that carry the PHARAO´s name.

With one prize you have received more money these people ever see, or earn and you share it with ease of someone who does not understand what was said above. With the ease of the rich, who never touched the hard work, but profit most.

One day you receive a million and the day after you already spent 100.000 to pay others or to buy them?

Dear Greta, you said, that you will donate all the money to charities and organization related to climate and environmental protection, but are you sure these do really deliver the change with the work of their hands or do they just consume the money of others realizing strike for a strike as the never-ending chain of NO ACTION.

Please look deeper, not just on the surface and white papers and proclamation and do not become one of the rich who asks the poor ones to change. What about rewarding those who deliver meaningful work and results? What about sharing your time and popularity to support the real projects?

You will recognize them well, they do not hold the begging bowl in the palms facing up, but their hands hold tools and are marked by scarfs. These people do not attend the strikes in the cities, they do not sit in the halls filled with well-dressed politicians, managers, CEO´s of non-profit organizations that all came across the globe to take over next price in the sam procedure they do for decades.

Before you share, please spend your time to learn more and be sure the money you donate for good, will do good, not cover the evil and please


I am sure you will remember my words and please have in mind, you are welcome in my own WorkPlace, in the city of five rivers, in Plzen, Czechia. No cameras, no media, just two human beings that talk about how WASTELESS WORLD is being built.

Have a nice day Greta and stay safe

Michael Rada, Human



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0