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3 min readSep 20, 2021


Good morning everyone. This time I am not alone but have help. His name is Zdenek Lebr and he is my GrandFather.

Today started one week of time spend together same as every year

We are in the best age

98 and 49

and now, my age is exactly 50% or half of the age of my GrandDad. He came to this during our next fascinating discussion about the life and topics we see and don´t understand why they are not done better.

“I am right now exactly double your age,” Grandpa said

“When will this happen again?” was my question “Did similar already happened to us? was the next one.

“I will find out” I promised, let me ask EXCEL sheet

So I did and the result strikes me down.


But what was even more fascinating was the excel sheet itself

Do you see what we see?


How you can miss this beauty and secret revealed in from of your own eyes.

Maybe Albert Einstein will make similar if he has excel or any other spreadsheet app or program.

Is time really counting the same to all? if so, how is the following possible?

  1. When my GrandFather was 49 times older than me at the moment of my birth, how he can be only 8 times older when I become 7 years old?
  2. How can this number drop to 4,5 times only 7 years later?
  3. At the age of 21 the “time gap” measure exactly 3,333333333 times. Why?
  4. Does my “race time” goes faster than the time of my GrandFather?
  5. When the gear will change?
  6. Who decides?
  7. Why 1,5 can be reached first when my GrandDad reach 147 years of age?
  8. Why it is common to ask HOW OLD ARE YOU and not HOW YOUNG ARE YOU?
  9. Can we measure the time really only with the watch?
  10. What if we stop wasting the time?

Once again we have to dive into the discussion and we talk and laugh and remember my GrandMother, who left almost a decade ago, leaving after 65 years of marriage my GrandDad alone.

My Granddad is living with my mom, his Daughter. She is unbelievably strong and loves all. Both spent their entire life teaching others.

My Granddad was a secondary school and university teacher, my mom was a kindergarten teacher. Both educate far more than thousands during their fruitful life and never, ever asked money first, before delivering results.

Both live in a small Czech city with 3.500 inhabitants, almost all people who spend their lives in the city has grown in the hands of my family teachers, I included and maybe this is the reason why I love education so much so as questions.

Do you really see two old people?


We should live MEANINGFUL LIVES no matter in which stage of the ROADMAP or CIRCLE OF LIFE we are located in because in the next moment the present will become past and once future will be present for the moment of eternity.

Have a nice TIME free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada and Zdenek Lebr — HUMANS



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