Michael Rada
2 min readNov 11, 2020

Today is the best time to change

Tomorrow as well

Well for yesterday is too late

Despite that many claims to change the past. Many considering burning the historic books, covering painting, broking down statues will change what was done wrong.

Today, writing a letter to the Indian Prime Minister, I was asked about my Gender and I can choose between MALE, FEMALE, TRANSGENDER, and OTHER. How can we miss this in the past?

We can change tomorrow, but the only time, we can do it is today

So the time goes

With or without the virus. With or without the government order. With or without the money. With or without the others.

The fact that tomorrow can be changed only today will not change.

What can change is just the size or scope of the change itself

I was told many times in my life that one man can not change the world and for 42 years I believed it to be true. I don´t do it anymore, I just change the world instead and it is a great feeling.

When somebody will tell me that one day I will talk to the heads of states I will not believe in such a future. If somebody told me I will run my own company I will doubt. If somebody told me I will grow older, I will believe, because all of us do, but if he or she point out I will feel younger I will distrust. But all of this happened to me already and it keeps happening in a flow of events, but it did not happen without me to start changing one day into another.

Today is the October 17th, 2020, and this article is planned to be published in 25 days- It would be published six days before the celebration of VELVET REVOLUTION, which took place 11.323 days earlier and which started in my life the age of writing, which started just 3 days later and never ended.

Today I change the time of tomorrow and day after tomorrow and day after tomorrow, many days after tomorrow and every single of these days will become today when the right time came.

I build tomorrow this is why I don´t blame others for my future and I hope all the PROTESTORS for a better future will learn to understand that.

Share it and put the next stone for a better tomorrow today.



Michael Rada

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